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What’s it actually like photographing a wedding?

I read lots of articles online about photographers justifying the price of their wedding photography packages and the breakdown of costs, insurance etc but what I don’t see much of, are people talking about what its like to be a Wedding Photographer. It is important to protect our industry and to show our clients what … Continue reading

It’s the simple things….

On any given portrait session within the studio, we always try to do a variety of different “set-ups” so that we produce a range of different images for the client to choose from. One minute we might be shooting on high key background, the next we be shooting low key head shots and as they … Continue reading

Is anyone on google plus???

If you are, then come and “follow” us HERE Many thanks, The Stephen Charles Studio  

Family Portraits

Its 4 weeks to Christmas tomorrow!!!! Which means its very busy in the studio at the moment, lots of people wanting portraits for Christmas to give as presents which means its all go for us. We still have a few appointments left in the final week before Christmas so for anyone looking for last minute presents … Continue reading

The Wedding of Nikita and Kyle

This was one wedding I was particularly looking forward to – the wedding of Nikita and Kyle. I went to school with Kyle and I knew lots of their guests and after a fantastic pre-wedding shoot with these guys, I knew this wedding was going to be a real joy to photograph.  The couple tied … Continue reading

Shooting Wide Open

Somebody sent me a message the other day via my Facebook Page asking how you take a photograph where someone is in focus and everything in the background was out of focus. I got back to them and explained that its do with your aperture and your focal length and as I went into a … Continue reading

Fi Green

A little while ago we had an email from a lovely lady called Fi who wanted some photographs a couple of days before a fitness competition – not to be confused with a body building competition, this was all about looking good and eating clean.  Fi had never been in front of the camera before but like many … Continue reading


A collection of some recent newborn shoots. Capturing these first moments is very special so if you’re expecting a baby or know someone who is then get in touch!!!

The Wedding of Tessa and Paul

As wedding photographers we’re very lucky, as we get to photograph some lovely couples at some lovely venues on the happiest day of their lives and Tessa and Paul were no different. They recently tied the knot at the Moorland Garden Hotel (www.moorlandgardenhotel.co.uk/), a fantastic venue with great grounds, its a perfect location for wedding … Continue reading

Baby Layton

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, we’ve done lots and lots of newborn shoots this year and its great to capture these moments when a baby is so new and small. They are never easier, but some are easier than others and Baby Layton had to be one of the most chilled out babies I’ve … Continue reading