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A Merry Christmas to everyone!

So as we go into the final week before Christmas…. things start getting a little manic! Running a portrait studio at Christmas is always nice, everybody wants portraits for Christmas which means we get to meet lots of nice families and kids. Its nice having the tree up in the studio, Christmas songs are playing and its … Continue reading

On location – Urban Portraits In Plymouth

I’ve known Ben now for a good couple of years and he’s become a good friend of mine in that time. To make a living from the music industry isn’t easy, in fact its probably one of the most cut throat industry’s out there but as a music producer, producing tracks for artists all over … Continue reading

The Wedding of Zoe and Simon

Zoe and Simon picked up their completed wedding album last week and they were thrilled with it – although our couples see all of their images shortly after the wedding, often its hard for them to envision what their completed album might look like. On the day we’ll take specific shots that we know will … Continue reading

Where does the time go???

“Where does the time go?” is an expression we hear a lot in the studio, especially in relation to our “Cherubs Club” which records the 1st year of the baby. The mums look back and they are amazed at how much their baby is changed and now I’m a parent – I say exactly the … Continue reading

Sugar and spice and all things nice…

As long as people keeping having babies and as long as people keep getting married – we’ll have a job to do! And neither look like they are stopping yet! Here’s a selection from some recent newborn shoots. Look at all those little cute babies!!!!!

Siblings…like them or hate them, you gotta love them

Brothers and sisters….like them or hate, either way you’ve got to love them and as family photographers, its our job to get them nice and close together and show that love! I love photographing siblings and being able to pose them up properly and have some fun at the same time is essential for our job. … Continue reading

It’s all about the experience…

Being a photographer is not just about taking photographs – it’s far more than that. When you’re dealing with people on a day to day basis, most of whom have never been in front of the camera, its important to make the session an “experience”, especially for the kids. Of course its essential to be … Continue reading

Thinking outside the box..

Whether we’re photographing a wedding or a newborn, as photographers who work within a creative industry, its essential to come up with new ideas. It keeps you on your toes, keeps you moving with the times and keeps everything fresh and exciting. One way to do this is just to think “outside the box”, look at … Continue reading