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It’s all about the baby….

While props are fun and useful, we always try to create simpler shots, too. After all, it’s the baby that Mum and Dad are interested in! For shots like this, plain backgrounds work best; adding a bright coloured background will make the image more striking, however gentle colours will appear more natural. We’ve mentioned this before but it’s really important … Continue reading

The Wedding of Anna and Jp

When we photography weddings, we always do the best job we possibly can; its the most important day of someone’s life so its essential that we get it right! And of course getting it right often means recommendations for us. Regarding Anna and Jp’s big day, we’d already photographed the wedding of Anna’s two sisters … Continue reading

Props – boxes and baskets

If you went to any portrait studio up and down the country, you’d no doubt see a range of different props. Things like baskets and boxes can be a fun addition to any shoot and for newborn’s they are almost essential. They serve a dual purpose as they add some variety to your images and can … Continue reading


Silhouette shots within a studio are fantastic as the stark contrast creates great shapes and still leaves a little imagination to the viewer. They are created when subjects are back lit with no or very little light falling onto the front of the subject – and are particularly effective on certain types of images. We always try to … Continue reading

The rule of thirds and when to break them…

Anybody with a serious interest in photography will know that there are number of rules or shall we say guidelines that are to be followed when it comes to taking a picture. One of the biggies, is the Rule of Thirds and for anyone who doesn’t know what the Rule of Thirds is, it relates to the composition of … Continue reading

Photographing large groups…

Anybody who has photographed a wedding before, will tell you that photographing large groups of people is never that easy – organising everybody is a challenge itself and you’ve got to still get them looking in the right direction! In the studio we often photograph large groups of people, whether its large families or employees … Continue reading

Lady of the night…

Another little personal project…. occasionally I might be out and about and see something in a shop that would make a cool prop. I guess a lot of photographers work like this, especially if you photograph say newborns – you’re always on the hunt for new things to put babies in or to include within … Continue reading

Capturing the moments…

Photography is all about capturing moments and when you have a baby its so important to capture them growing up and changing. I’ve said it before, one minute they’re a newborn in your arms and the next they are on their feet walking. It feels like only 5 minutes ago I was photographing baby Matilda … Continue reading

We’re alright in black and white…

We’re big fans of black and white images and I have to say a lot of our clients are as well. Certain images just “work” in black and white , they can simplify an image which is essential for certain photographs. And like colour images, there are a number of different tones throughout a black … Continue reading

If you go down to the…..allotment today

Environmental portraits…..something a lot different to the day to day work we do within the studio. For those of you who don’t know what an environmental portrait is, it’s basically a portrait of someone taken in their “usual” environment, so that might be home or work and they are supposed to tell you something about … Continue reading