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Diary update…

Hello folks! Well my last post has to be about 2 weeks ago which is pretty poor but we certainly have our reasons as to why! Firstly, we’ve been pretty busy in the studio – its been non stop which is great but its left us with little time to do much else! Wedding season has also began so we’ve been tied down with weddings as well as a lot of editing in the past couple of weeks. The other reason for the lack of blogging is that I’m trying to create a better work/life balance and over the past month or so I’ve tried to cut down on the amount of work I’ve been bringing home (and of course I write our blog posts from home in the evenings!). Over the past couple of years our workload in the studio has resulted in me doing masses work at home every single evening (after doing a pretty long day in the studio) and I now want to try and slow that down. One of the reasons for this is my own sanity – working 13/14 hours a day day in day out eventually takes its toll! And the other thing is that I want to spend more time with my family, especially as I have baby number two on the way very soon!

So I thought I would write a quick post to let people know about how our diary is looking over the next few months…

For Cherubs/sitter sessions and family portraits we’re now fully booked until August – we do have the odd appointment become available so if you are interested in booking in do get in touch! We have newborn sessions available between now and August but they are limited, we’re now taking newborn bookings as far as November! We’re not taking a lot of bookings in September as Im expecting my 2nd baby around then so if you’re considering getting booked in for later in the year get in touch now as once August is filled we’ll be taking a lot more bookings for October.

If you have any questions or want to get booked in do get in touch! stephencharlesstudio@googlemail.com




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