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A slightly different blog post today; I’m currently writing this 7 weeks into a lockdown and we’re still a little unsure as to when we’ll be able to reopen again. So I thought with a little more time on my hands it might be worth writing some different types of posts etc… So this 1st post is based around a question I get asked alot in the studio….

Who is Stephen Charles?!

So we run The Stephen Charles Studio and if you came into the studio it would be me taking your photographs! And I’m Adam! I always get asked if I’m Stephen and I always get asked who is Stephen. There are some clients that believe I am Stephen and its gone on for so long I don’t think I can correct them! Stephen Charles is my dad and he works in the studio with us. He set up the studio over 30 years ago and ran the studio for many many years on his own. He’s still in the studio alot and will occasionally assist on a shoot but you’ll generally see him behind the desk editing images or just generally chatting to clients. Also in the studio is Courtney, she’s been with us for just over 4 years and pretty much manages every admin element of the studio – she’s always very busy!

I often get asked if I would change the name of the studio if and when my dad retires but I never would. I feel that “The Stephen Charles Studio” is a name well respected in Plymouth and the success of the business comes from us as a team serving our clients as best we can. Its a privilege to be part of something that’s been going for so long and it’ll certainly be odd when my dad does retire and I don’t hear his stupid jokes all day long but we’ll continue representing the name as best we can!

Stay safe and hope to see you all soon!



Plymouth Baby Photographers The Stephen Charles Studio

Stephen, Adam and Courtney – The Stephen Charles Studio



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