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What inspires you? A question we get a lot in the studio…and one I always like answering! Throughout our sessions we always ask our clients: what they do a for a living, are they married, have you been on holiday etc.. the usual questions to instigate conversation and just generally get to know them. For us its all about building relationships and those relationships are so important for our business. Its also nice when clients ask us about things and one of the most common things we get asked (besides do you have children?) is where we get our ideas and inspiration from.

In short, there’s no one particular place we get inspiration from. Instagram and Pinterest are the usual suspects but you can draw inspiration from anywhere. Films, books, adverts, you can get ideas from literally anything. And once you get an idea the hardest part is working out how to execute it. One of the best things is when you go shopping and see something and think “can I put a baby in that?” – it might be a bucket or a drawer, or anything that you think could generate a creative image!

Sometimes we create shots that you truly believe will be exceptional and they aren’t and some of the best shots come from thin air. Its the creative industry and its all part of the process of creating images clients can cherish. We love our job and hopefully that love shines through within our images!

We hope to see you soon!


Plymouth Newborn Photographers The Stephen Charles Studio

Plymouth Newborn Photographers The Stephen Charles Studio




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