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A little about me…

So another blog post about “me” and this time I’m going to talk about my interest’s outside of work/photography. Now usually I absolutely hate reading posts like this; theres’s usually someone talking about how much they love “mac n cheese” and how they work out everyday. Or perhaps they practice yoga 17 times a week but believe me that isn’t me!!!

If i’m honest, I’m not sure why I’m writing this, I guess its to try and keep in touch with potential clients and get them to know a little about me etc… So firstly, running a business takes up a lot of time! I’m editing most nights, and when I mean most nights I pretty much mean every night. Its hard to switch off when you run you’re own business, you always want to get back to clients and sometimes that means getting back to them at midnight! As a result I don’t watch alot of TV. In fact I watch almost nothing! But here’s a few things I really really love….

  1. Music! I am truly passionate about music! One of the best things about editing is that I can listen to music at the same time. Sometimes with a cheeky glass of wine! And sometimes means always 😂
  2. My job: I genuinely do love my job; I’m very fortunate to do something that doesn’t feel like “work”. Don’t get me wrong, it can hard, but photographing babies is a real joy and I’m very very lucky!
  3. Wine: with 2 kids anyone who doesn’t drink is a liar!
  4. Tattoo’s: I work in an industry dominated by females so if you ever met me you’d never think I was a baby photographer! But i love artwork and I love tattoo’s, I’ve a bit of collection now and I don’t think you’ve ever too old to get your 1st tattoo!
  5. MY KIDS! My biggest love and what I work for! The biggest motivation and the reason for life. They make it all worthwhile!

So they you go! A few things about me!

Hope to see you guys very soon!



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