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My little Easter Bunny…

One of the great things about being a parent and being a photographer is being able to dress your children in outfits which are seriously cute but will no doubt seriously affect their street cred when they’re 18!!!  As Easter was approaching I thought it was only appropriate to grab a few frames somewhere outdoors with my … Continue reading

Corporate headshots…

Sometimes you can find interesting backdrops in the most least interesting of places! Very recently I met Marketing Director Kiran who needed some up to date headshots but didn’t want to do them in the studio against a white/grey background etc… So instead we used the car park right outside the studio. In about 15 minutes … Continue reading

On location with the Tanner Brothers…

I recently had the opportunity to photograph James and Chris Tanner, more locally known as The Tanner Brothers for a front cover of a food magazine. Best known for co-owning the Tanners Restaurant in Plymouth, they regular appear on TV cooking shows so this was a little different from our day to day baby work!This was an … Continue reading

The rule of thirds and when to break them…

Anybody with a serious interest in photography will know that there are number of rules or shall we say guidelines that are to be followed when it comes to taking a picture. One of the biggies, is the Rule of Thirds and for anyone who doesn’t know what the Rule of Thirds is, it relates to the composition of … Continue reading

If you go down to the…..allotment today

Environmental portraits…..something a lot different to the day to day work we do within the studio. For those of you who don’t know what an environmental portrait is, it’s basically a portrait of someone taken in their “usual” environment, so that might be home or work and they are supposed to tell you something about … Continue reading

Up in smoke….

Sometimes you have a vision of a particular shot in your head and it may have been floating around there for a long old time; and providing you can bring all of the elements together then your vision should come to life. The image below is a bit of an old image, I took it … Continue reading

Please don’t wrap me up…

When I was at art college as well as undertaking the assignments set by the lecturers, I was always setting up my own little projects and goals to help develop myself as a photographer. At the time I wasn’t so commercially driven (like I am now) mainly because I was interested in all types of … Continue reading

On location In Plymouth

Nearly all of the portrait work we do is in the studio, but occasionally we might get a job that takes us out of the studio and on location. Shooting on location is fantastic – with no limitations on space the possibilities are endless and you can find backdrops from almost anything. The only thing … Continue reading