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Who ate all the pies…

Well clearly my sister did! This was taken a little while back and was based on a maternity idea I had had in my head for a little while. Lot’s of people who had seen the image asked me how much I had spent of McDonald’s Meal to get the final image but in actual … Continue reading

A little bit of this and a little bit of that…

People always say “never work with animals or children” but when I look back at all lovely portrait sessions we do it makes me realise that photographing kids and babies is a real joy. Yes sometimes is difficult buts its so rewarding – its great being a photographer!!!

Newborns must be easy…… as if!!!

“Newborn shoots must be easy……all they do is sleep….” We hear this on a regular basis and this couldn’t be further from the truth! Of course newborns sleep, when they are at home in their mummy’s arms, fully clothed being rocked back and forth – thats pretty much all they do! But once you get … Continue reading

It’s all about the newborns….

The past couple of weeks, we decided to have a little bit of a break; it’s been a manic year so far so its been nice to spend time with the family, catch up on other bits and bobs and prepare ourselves for when we head to towards an even more manic Christmas. Whilst we … Continue reading

My very own little newborn…..

It’s been a little manic over the past few weeks as just over 4 weeks ago on the 14th August at 11.44am, my darling little baby boy was born, Frederick Charles Hirons, weighing 7lbs 14oz’. Nothing can prepare you for being a parent and its been a real learning curve but we’ve enjoyed every minute … Continue reading